How To Sign Multiple Accounts On Facebook

Facebook recently tested the new feature to help users transfer or add accounts quickly allows multiple accounts to be logged at once for ease and convenience in the management process as well as the user's use.
Note: This feature is currently in beta so it only appears on some accounts.
In particular, when logged in with the computer version on Facebook a new icon will appear next to your personal name click here a transfer option or adding an account will appear along with some suggestion to log in to the account that has been logged on to the device.
Also if your account is not on the list of experimental features from Facebook,You can do the following without having to wait for this special feature.
From the Chrome browser, Chrome, Opera, ...Download the SessionBox utility here.
SessionBox allows anyone to be able to use multiple accounts simultaneously with the same browser, on the same device.
No need for data synchronization. You can select Or Sign in as Guest without creating a SessionBox account.
To add more Facebook accounts, from the Facebook homepage, select the + icon in the Sessions for current size section.
At this point you will be taken to the login screen. Also, it is required to enter any name for the Sessions for easy management then enter the password as well as the login name for another account that you want to co-manage.
To be able to access these accounts, You can choose the correct name installed in the options.
So no need to wait for Facebook support on the account. You can manage accounts in the same browser, same device.