Promotion 24 hours - HDR Projects 3 Pro (Win-Mac)

To be released in 2012 HDR Projects brought HDR photography to a whole new level. Smart Colorspace Adaptation a unique and completely new development of the project stream identify a smart color space, calculated for each individual step this capability enables enhancing the vibrancy of the basic primary colors with a clearer color hierarchy.
Today, you can take HDR photos with the smartphone application. Some smartphones even integrate this feature into their original camera applications. Now, if you absolutely do not know anything about HDR, HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range".And that is a kind of photography technique that is supposed to make your image look better. It usually depends on how you use it but it's definitely great when you are taking nature photos as well as to enhance the shooting images against sunlight.HDR Projects 3 Professional HDR photography is completely different process and convert normal images into HDR like a professional
HDR Projects 3 Professional is a premium HDR application for Mac and Windows.This is a more advanced version of the previous HDR releases and there is a new feature called Smart Colorspace Adaptation (SCA).The main color in your image is enhanced to make the image look lively and more natural

  • - Modern user interface, stability and respond quickly
  • Supports many types of images or image formats .png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .psd, .ppm, .raw, v.v ...
  • Features 13 different and unique HDR algorithms
  • The buffet features as well as exposure through HDR Painter
  • The exact combination of high exposure resulting sharp results
  • Image Deletion - Fully automatic but can also be used manually
  • Professional RAW conversion (support for all RAW formats)
  • High quality presets - save a lot of time and allow you to create all kinds of professional HDR images.
  • 10 algorithm 10 Tone Mapping
  • 72 advanced filters for artistic and print-friendly images
  • Amplifies the points of the sensor points
  • Support batch processing and add-ons
  • You can easily compare the original image and HDR images in "Preview Mode"
  • Fast image processing
  • Save a lot of time and effort
  • Ideal for HDR photographers and professional photographers
  • Pro-League RAW Converter is more professional for all RAW formats
  • There are 81 presets available for faster professional results
  • Now with 10 Tone Mapping is calculated for the creative freedom possible
  • With 72 advanced filters for creativity and images ready for printing.
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