Updated Constantly - General Error iOS 11.1 And How To Fix Error

After about one day since the update, iOS 11.1 officially released. There are a lot of people wondering whether to update iOS 11.1 or not, iPhone Lock is failing? All questions and answers will be below
1.iPhone iOS lock when upgrading to 11.1 with no Active crash
The answer is no, If you are in iOS 11.0.x then can update to the official version 11.1
2.iOS 10.3.x whether to upgrade to iOS 11.1 or not?
This answer is up to you. Do you dare risk yourself? By upgrading it can not downgrade.
Tips: If you still use it and still find your machine is good, stable is best not to do anything, Those who like to explore, like the new, just go up, do not be afraid.
 3.iOS 11 Battery Life Problems?
Most of the iPhone after iOS 11.1 has been corrected is battery consumption fixes when using. If the machine still loses battery life then it is due to other causes. The best, in this case, you should restore the original settings by Setting-> General->Reset all settings.
4.IOS 11.1 has fixed the bug Wifi, Bluetooth at Control Center?
Regret is not yet, That's not a bug, it's an Apple feature.
5.How to upgrade to iOS 11.1 official?
Access to the settings the General settings configuration > > > iOS Beta Software Profile and proceed to Delete configuration then you restart the machine.
Another way pretty simple but need to back up the data. The first, you must proceed to delete the entire iPhone by going to Settings > General settings >  Erase all content and settings > Delete iPhone.
Once done Your iPhone has an older version just go to General Settings> Software Update Download the official iOS 11.1 release
If you have tried the above two methods but failed you will need to use the computer and the iTunes software
6.After upgrading to iOS 11.1, you notice that the phone has a touch phenomenon does not work well?
To solve this problem you should try rebooting or put the iPhone in factory mode by going to Settings> General> Remove all content and settings> Remove iPhone.
7.Did error lead not bright when notified?
Please try to reboot or go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Warning LED and turn it back on.
8.Emoji on iOS 11.1 in the message does not work
These emoji-only sent to the iPhone used together or on iMessage to see the content, If you send emoji from another iPhone to another phone or Facebook, the new emoji they receive will be square ones.We have to wait for these emoji to be synchronized so that they can be displayed on all platforms.
9.Error can not open the Facebook application, or your Facebook News Feed failed to load
In general, the errors in the Facebook application you should try to delete and reinstall the application.In case you tried many times but still can not then you should back up the data and proceed to restore the original settings for iPhone
10.Want to downgrade from iOS 11.1 to 10.3.3?
The answer is yes! But you shalt not celebrate, only the iPhone 6S model can return to this version 10.3.3, Other iPhone models can only get back to 11.0.x.
11.Are iOS has 11.1 faulty screen brightness?
That's not a bug that your phone is in Auto Brightness mode. Just turn it off by going to Settings> General> Accessibility> Screen adaptation> Auto brightness.
12.Does the computer have 1 + 2 + 3 = 24 errors?
Yes.If you click fast you will see.It is best to install another computer application can be found on the App Store as Calculator # for example to overcome the "math" error of Apple.