$100 per Day Facebook Method

I am finding so many members here are struggling to start earning through Facebook. Some do not know where to start, how to promote or how to get conversions.

So today, I am going to share my method, from scratch, Step-by-Step. Even a newbie can follow this to earn from day 1.

The beauty of this method is ...The earning comes almost Autopilot....Passive income.

OK...let's start then...
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1. Make 4 to 5 Facebook accounts......each time use CCleaner to clear your cookies, and phone verify the accounts if required, Optional

2. Design your Facebook accounts so that they look like REAL people ..... preferably, create Female accounts and upload 10 to 15 very cute and sweet looking Female pictures of the same person that you can collect from google search.

3. Now time to add Friends to your account. You need just 150 to 250 Friends per account to start with. Now FB is very Strict in adding friends, so be careful....follow below steps........

>>> Find pages and groups on facebook that shares fb user email lists. Just search “Add me” Or “email list” on FB search box. You will find a lot of pages offering FB user email lists. All you need to do is Copy those email lists. Then go to ........paste the emails and send them a request to be your friend. This is the easiest way.

>>> Another way to send Email invitation is you import those email lists to your email ie, yahoo or google, I would suggest using yahoo. Make sure you import the email lists to the same email account you have used to create the Facebook account. Now on the FB invite page will see a link says “Import Your Email Addresses” ...... Click it and import. Now, FB will send notification to all your imported users to add you as their friend and you will start getting friend requests in less then 6 hours.

>>> Another trick of making friends on FB is by “Friend Suggestion” .send friend suggestions to from 1 account to another. You can request your present friends to suggest friends as you are new on FB.

4. So, by now you should have 1,000 to 1,200 Friends in total.

5. Now start promoting....r Pick a product of demand..... I use Zip/Email submit offers from PeerFly...Remember, do not use direct link from your Facebook account to your Offer page, if you do so, FB will immediately block your link. So create a landing page with blogger.

6. How To Promote: We will do the promotions by tagging pictures. First you will need to find an offer you would like to promote, here I will use “Get $1000 Walmart Gift card Free“ for example. Search Google and download a Picture for this offer and save them on a folder. Now the Steps are as below:

>>> First, go to your profile and click photos and then click “Create Album”.
>>> Upload the pictures on Facebook and Name the Album similar to your Offer Name
>>> Put the same description on your uploaded picture(s).
>>> Set the Privacy to Public and Click on Post Photos
>>> Now Click on Edit and you will be taken to another page where you will find Album Contributors Tag Option. In that Box, Tag all your Friends.
>>> Click Done when your finished.
>>> You will be taken to album page and all the Friends on your account will be notified instantly.

This is a viral method, as by this not only the people you tagged will get the notification, but your friends of friends will also get notifications that their friends have been tagged on an album which is yours as you made the Privacy to Public.