Samsung Galaxy S10 Codenamed Beyond - Fingerprint Sensor Fitted Under The Screen

While the media focus on the upcoming Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has begun discussions with its Galaxy S10 counterparts.
Information from The Bell, Galaxy S10 code-named "Beyond" and is equipped with a fingerprint sensor under the screen. At present, this technology has been some Chinese firms like Huawei smartphones, Vivo put on their smartphones.
Samsung can use optical sensor (developed by Synaptics or Ezestek ) or ultrasonic sensor (developed by Qualcomm) for the S10.
South Korean Giants have also thought of the 3D sensor equipment similar to that on the iPhone and Galaxy X for S10.However, the plan was rejected by this technology has not been perfected and is hard to hit the market early next year, the time of Galaxy S10.

" Is different with fingerprint sensors under the screen, the partners produced the 3D sensor modules are not yet ready to switch to bulk production stage"An official in the electronic industry claims. 

Samsung and other smartphone companies are seeking to equip these attractive features to attract consumers to upgrade equipment in the context of the upgrade cycle of device users are increasingly stretching and growing smartphone market growth slows.