Transfer all contacts from iOS to android without the use of third app

Virtually the personal data such as contacts, messages, ...will be synchronized automatically when users log in to the account. Specifically if using iPhone then you have iCloud,  Android Smartphone already has a Google account.
However, if you only want to sync, the data contacts from iOS to Android but do not want to resort to the help of third-party applications due to concerns about the security of the personal account. Please continue to monitor articles

1. Check the contacts option has been enabled in iCloud
2. Launch the web browser on your computer and access to the site, proceed to login to iCloud account that you are using on devices running iOS above
3. Successful logon, iCloud application list you can look at the data will appear. Click on contacts.
4. You will see the list of contacts that you've synchronized appears here. Click CTRL + A to select all contacts in the gear icon in the lower left corner of the interface, then click the "Export vCard" option.
5. The location of the iCloud vCard file store containing the contacts appears, Select where to save something easy to manipulate and then press Save.
6. Now you open another browser window and visit the site "" then use the Google account you want to use on your smartphone login
7. Contact Google interface will appear.
8. After skipping the introduction of Google Contact, Click More, and click next to Import options appear below.
9.Click select "CSV or vCard file".
10. Click select "GO TO OLE VERSION".
11. You click "other" and click next to select "Import...".
12. Click on "Choose File" and navigate to the iCloud vCard file you've extracted above. Then press "Import".
The process of extracting data from vCard file will occur, and when completed, the contact list will appear the remaining work you simply synchronize the contacts option back on Android devices