tricks of the autofill for iOS

AutoFill is a fairly common feature on most modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Users only need to save their account and password the first time they sign in then the password management function works, helping to log in to applications, favorite websites become simpler.

Automatically fill in personal information
First of all, you need to ensure that your personal information is accurate through accessing the iOS Contacts app.
Next, click on the profile of your personal information displayed in the interface of the Contacts application, click the Edit button and start editing the phone number, email and other relevant information.
After updating your personal information, allow Safari to use personal information on AutoFill by accessing the Setting application, selecting Safari> AutoFill, and turning the Use Contact Info to ON.
In the interface, AutoFill click Next on the My Info.
Select your name in the Contact list displayed
In addition, although AutoFill has the ability to automatically scan and automatically fill out personal information accurate. However, you should also check carefully to minimize errors that may occur.

Save password fast when browsing the web with Safari
Safari also allows users to easily save the password of any web page after you have logged in through a pop-up form dialog box will appear with three options Save Password, Never for This Website and Not Now. When pressing select Save Password, the password of this website will be " AutoFill " feature automatically fill login and password when users return to the next help login becomes simpler than before.
Users can also manually add passwords to their favorite websites by visiting the Settings app on iOS. Next, scroll down and select Accounts & Passwords, select App & Website Passwords and navigate to Add Password.
Here, just enter the site name, account and password before clicking Done in the upper right corner to complete.

Find the saved password
In case of need to find back the previously saved passwords. You can access the Application Settings > Accounts & Passwords > App & Website Passwords. Select the site need to view information. At this time, on the next screen, Safari will show your account and passwords and relevant site name.
In addition, also in this interface, you can also click the Edit button in the top right corner to edit the account and password before
If you want to delete the page, you just click the red button on the left and then click Delete.

Synchronize iCloud Keychain
In the case of multiple iOS devices are used at the same time. You can use iCloud Keychain to synchronize information on multiple devices at the same time.
Go to Settings> iCloud> Keychain. Activate iCloud Keychain on position ON to start the synchronization process.