5 Simple Tips To Stay Slim and Health at the office

All work seems to become more and more busy with those who go to work in the Office environment, the encounter health problems while working as tired body pain about neck, spine, eye strain or nervous tension are becoming more common.
Here are 5 simple tips to help you preserve your health during the busy hours

1. Breakfast regularly

Breakfast is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. A quality breakfast will help you to get enough energy for the first half of the workday and at the same time restrict the eating of snacks at the office.
But many office workers skip breakfast every day especially those who have work started very early or those who work far away have to spend more time move

2. Drink enough water

Drinking enough water is an important habit to wellness Office
The doctor advised the Office staff should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, small size (about 1.5 liters of water) per day.especially the people who have to communicate many (talking in person or over the phone).
The feeling of fatigue, laziness that office workers often encounter (especially in the afternoon) usually due to dehydration in the body caused. In addition to drinking enough water. Eating foods that contain water at lunches such as apples, oranges, melons also help your body absorb enough water.

3. Lunch moderate

Lunch is an important meal that gives you the energy to pass the remaining half-day of work however, we do not eat too much at noon. A nutritious lunch is needed for a day's work but if eaten too much during lunch will easily lead to tiredness in the afternoon if you sit for too long in the afternoon. So you should choose a suitable diet to ensure nourishment for the body that does not fall into the above condition.

4. Rest when feeling stressed

In a busy working environment fall into the State of stress is "normal work" for people going to work. Special many people often think that they are "familiar" with the feeling of tension.
However, experts suggest that even with the experienced staff, A few minutes of relaxing your mind when feeling heavy work is essential. You may have been accustomed to the feeling of everyday stress. if this situation occurred continuously and stretching will gradually create negative changes to health and the mentality of you (insomnia, loss of appetite, become hot bouncing ...). The experts also shared that contemplate the beautiful picture of nature is a form of very effective stress reduction if you can only a short break for a few minutes.
Watching pictures of nature will help relieve stress at work

5. Campaigning steadily

A very bad habit of the people doing the work at the Office is a place to sit still for long periods. This not only creates the feeling of stagnation for the body but also can lead to health problems such as back pain fat build up, sore throat, or even spinal degeneration and arthritis diseases.
Experts recommend that employees should activities as much as possible. You can set the clock to 45 minutes after work and physical activity, just 1-minute body activities can help the body and spirit are relaxing, at the same time reducing the risk of diseases of the vertebral column
Please try to keep your body moving
Busy work that often causes us to disregard the issue of health care for myself if you feel yourself falling into this situation, follow the tips above to have a lifestyle and healthy work