Breast lift massage in 25 weeks tutorials

Just leave a little bit of time every day to massage the chest can also do to the chest, round, firm to not be sagging breasts
With these ways to massage, is a combination of safe practices, the simplest and most effective way that you can make at home for women, busy people, and families

How to massage the breasts are effective?

These simple exercises, chest massage at home make sure science and properly can also help you own chest size circular stretch. Breast massage can create fast effective, can even easy to see changes of the chest immediately after implementation and if maintained regularly for long periods can also deliver the right results as you desire

Guide to effective breast massage

There are many breast massage exercises tailored to each object can be effective at least with this person but works well with other people All these ways are safe should be comfortable " test " to match for your chest

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1. Massage

To increase efficiency as well as accelerate the speed of the fastest. You should combine with an essential oil to act as a conductor helps the skin toned and round 1 more develop such as coconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil,... even Vaseline.
Step 1: Massage gently from bottom to top from the inside out, can work both sides at the same time or one by one
Note do not use too much force on the chest, avoid sagging.

Step 2: Massage to put the fat from the arms and back to the chest so will achieve the purpose 2 in 1 very good, increase the size of the breasts also dissipate excess fat layer in biceps bring the compact quite effectively.

Step3:  Reflexology in the armpit along with that is lightly squeeze the skin to help blood circulation, boost pushes up nutrients in breast adipose tissue better.

step 4: Press the middle of the chest with just 4 simple steps. It takes about 5-10 minutes per day, You can carry out at any time or bath if desired to improve the physique become more perfect, applied regularly, don't get interrupted.

2. Good food for chest

- Pettioes (pig pork leg) are the first item in the list of foods that help your breasts grow in pork leg contains cysteine, myoglobin provides abundant collagen to help strengthen the breasts, increase the size for women. In addition, they are also rich in vitamins A, B, iron, colloidal and fat helps to increase breast size, additional blood reduces nervous breakdown.

- Green Papaya contains protein, lecithin, enzymes have the ability to stimulate the production of the female hormone estrogen is born to help for picture size chest can be significantly improved. You can process it into many dishes

- The soy-derived foods as milk, peanut. They are rich in Phytoestrogens (same effect as estrogen hormone) helps breasts grow markedly.

- Avocados have an amount of unsaturated fatty acids that increase the elasticity of the breast tissue the same types of vitamins A, C, E promote the secretion of female hormones, prevent the deformation of ring 1 effect