How to ease muscle pain

Sore muscles degrading human performance the cause of the fatigue depressed at work, sorrow in life. This is a symptom of the common musculoskeletal diseases currently
muscle aches
Causes and symptoms of muscle painVitamin D deficiency affects the absorption of calcium, lead to softer bones and can hurt

Iron deficiency can lead to muscle aches

Stress hormones prevent the muscle fight back

Diseases such as asthenia, the disease caused by a virus, Diabetes, atherosclerosis, the lack of blood to the brain, liver, kidney, ...

When muscles are continuously active during a long period of time, lactic acid accumulation in muscle tissue along with decreased blood flow, not enough supply for the muscle tissue, cause fatigue, muscle aches and very annoying.

The main causes
Long sitting, sit for a long time, the wrong posture is also the cause of muscle fatigue
Trauma, bumps can affect the skeletal muscles that cause pain

Vitamin D deficiency is the most common culprits, besides the vitamins A, C, B1 also have impact on the cause of the fatigue to skeletal muscle

Weather changes in the cold season fatigue muscle pain happen prevalently.
Play sports more or less campaigning also causes pain muscle fatigue, shoulder pain spine, back pain

Muscle aches can occur due to disorder, excessive work of the nervous system, endocrine

There are also some of the causes of diseases as intervertebral disc hernia, Arthritis, fibromyalgia, myasthenia also causes muscle pain.
What to do when you have muscle aches

The most common symptoms of muscle pain

Patients often feel pain, tired in biceps, calves, thighs, back muscle,...fatigue pain manifestations is stress, headaches, loss of concentration, poor thinking lead to affect work efficiency and quality of life. exercise after a long time not playing sports will make patients feel pain, especially when squatting, climbing the steep, running down the stairs. Pain increases when the activity and decreases when resting.

How to deal with muscle aches

Eat more protein after a workout
Protein-rich meals are in the fish, eggs, and beans can help the muscle, should complement the meal after exercise

Drink plenty of water, limit alcohol and coffee

No hot water bath immediately after exercise Instead let try ice cold right after exercise to slow down blood flow and stabilize hormone levels.

Try using magnesium
Magnesium is important for muscle relaxation. You can use the muscle relaxant pills or anti-inflammatory if seen much pain. Experts recommend using Epsom salts when you bathe foaming water and magnesium to reduce muscle soreness.

Don't forget campaigning – even in holidays
Blood to the muscle as much recovery time will be as fast, Stretch gently and return to normal activities will be the best way 

Walking during the holidays between hard work sessions is a good way to recover actively

Muscle massage can help with all kinds of muscle pain and support for treatment. It helps the body relax both before and after stress.